Fast Fade ProLine Dye (1 lb)

    Fast Fade ProLine Dye (1 lb)

      • Wish your favorite pair of jeans was faded? Well then you must try our Fast Fade, an easy-to-use solution that softens the color in denim without any damage to the fabric. Simply use in your washing machine (including any high-efficiency machine) to create an awesome distressed look. 
      • Works best on cotton, linen, wool, rayon and ramie
        With 100 years of American manufacturing experience under our belt, we have developed the most reliable time-tested quality control standards in the industry. Accordingly, you can be confident you will be getting a product that is high-quality, consistent and effective.

      ProLine Colours

      Black Remover Scarlet Royal Blue Purple Neon Yellow Fuchsia Aubergine Tangerine Tan Neon Pink Neon Green Navy Blue Lemon Yellow Kelly Green Golden Yellow Ecru Dark Brown Cocoa Brown