Color Remover ProLine (1 lb)

    Color Remover ProLine (1 lb)

      • Our Color Remover makes it possible to remove the existing color from yet-to-be dyed fabric, giving you a dye-ready canvas for spectacular results and true color. 
      • Unlike traditional bleach, which contains chlorine that can damage fabric, Color Remover is chlorine-free so that you can safely dye fabric after removing it’s color. 
      • Perfect for dye projects where you want to completely change the color of the fabric or as a pre-treatment for faded, discolored and stained fabric. It can even be used to remove dye from fabric dyed incorrectly.
      • Works best on cotton, linen, wool, rayon and ramieWith 100 years of American manufacturing experience under our belt, we have developed the most reliable time-tested quality control standards in the industry. Accordingly, you can be confident you will be getting a product that is high-quality, consistent and effective.

      ProLine Colours

      Black Remover Scarlet Royal Blue Purple Neon Yellow Fuchsia Aubergine Tangerine Tan Neon Pink Neon Green Navy Blue Lemon Yellow Kelly Green Golden Yellow Ecru Dark Brown Cocoa Brown